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​Uptrend specializes in helping small to medium-sized companies reach their full potential. We work with startups and small businesses to identify potential clients, create a strategic client acquisition plan, and then help the client execute the plan. Establishing a partnership with Uptrend will include completion of the steps below. Successfully completing the steps together will ensure a profitable path for your company.

​Step 1: Identify the core expertise of your company.

​What type of clients will be best-suited to work with your company? It’s more than just money, it’s determining your company’s culture, identifying existing skills and products, and existing clients.

​Step 2: Collaborate in creating a general list of targeted clients.

​Based on knowledge gained in step 1. Targeted clients will include specific clients and a general list of  traits of clients that may be a good fit for your company.  Not every company is going to be a great fit.

​Step 3: Evaluate the existing resources at your company

​Create a plan to begin to engage with with the targeted clients and client types. This step includes the foundations of a marketing plan, as well as finding out who in your existing company is capable and willing to assist in the client acquisition process. Every person doesn’t need to be a salesperson.  We work with you to identify the people who can be your biggest public advocates.

​Step 4: Begin to execute the plan

​Working hand in hand with Uptrend. Begin the process of selling your services or expanding the scope of services that you offer

​Step 5: Test, evaluate and refine

​Uptrend will be there to support you all the way!

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