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May 31

Startups vs Small Business

By uptrendadmin | News

The distinction between startups, and small business is blurrier than this article’s statement. There is a lot of risk for people starting a coffee shop and for launching the next “world changing” app (the uber for _____ ). Either way execution is everything. It takes hard work, perseverance, a strong team (even if you are a solopreneur and yes, some luck to get a business started whether it is a “small business” or a “startup.” Make a plan, share your plan, execute your plan and be willing to adjust whenever it is appropriate. Don’t give up just because of a few nay sayers. There is always 1,000s of reasons not to do something but sometimes all you need is 1 good reason to do it.


May 31

Things Recruiters Absolutely Hate About Your Resume

By uptrendadmin | Recruiting

Normally, I dislike articles that are written by recruiters saying that they don’t like this or don’t like that. A lot, of these articles come across as pretentious and out of touch. This article by Hubspot has some good tips.

Learn what recruiters hate to see in your resume from HubSpot’s top recruiters recruiters — and make sure you never make these mistakes again.

Source: 21 Things Recruiters Absolutely Hate About Your Resume

May 31

The 15 Worst Sales Email Writing Mistakes

By uptrendadmin | Marketing , News

I’m sure that I’ve made almost all of these mistakes at one point or another… to be completely honest, I make these mistakes all of the time. But email and marketing communication can be hard! Especially, when you are trying to craft communication that is SEO friendly or when you are trying to craft for a diverse audience, my business development friends expect a different type of email than my software development friends.

Don’t get tripped up by these email mistakes.

Source: The 15 Worst Sales Email Writing Mistakes