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Rob Krohn

Executive Marketing 


 .. He is focused on delivering the highest quality results for his clients, and is helping us sort through the difficult challenges of our business.

John Paull


We help companies sell more. Free Strategy Call

During the free initial consultation we'll discuss you, your business and what you are hope to accomplish. From there we'll be able to directly speak about strategies that your business can pursue to increase sales through sales process consulting, coaching and sales integration with marketing efforts. My goal is for every initial consultation to end with you having next steps you can take (regardless of whether we continue to work together)

What You’ll Do Before the Call

Before the call we'll need to get some basic data about your business. Who you are, what your website is, a company in your industry that you would like to emulate and also  who you perceive to be your biggest competitors.

What Happens During the Call

Before we discuss any "insights" we need to know where you are coming from so we can effectively discuss where you are going to. After that we will review the external characteristics we discovered and discuss a path forward.

What Changes After the Call

At the end of this call you'll have a couple of ideas about what the next steps are for your business. We'll discuss working agreements and evaluate whether we'd be able to work together.

About John Paull

A native of Columbus, Ohio. John has worked with dozens of businesses over his career. He founded Uptrend in 2016 to have the flexibility to work with clients to create multidisciplinary solutions that bridge the divide between sales and marketing. He understands that sales is the face of your business and how that is communicated from the first touch to an ongoing relationship is critical to success.

A member of Downtown Kiwanis and Leadership Columbus 2020. John seeks to make communities stronger through sustainable business growth and relationships.

Why They Recommend Having a Free Consultation Call

You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Set up a consultation today to discuss how Uptrend LLC can help your business.

George Faerber

Business Owner

John has helped me create sales in a way that works for the way that I need to work. As a small business owner in the digital space it's hard to find someone who has the diverse knowledge to be able to offer value in many settings.

Bill kiefaber

Business Owner

He provides great direction and support to find the right solutions for each situation. He is a trusted partner and a great sales resource


Corporate Trainer

Through his dedication, hard work and high level of expertise, he truly does offer his clients the complete package. He is also a pleasure to work with and sees the silver lining in every obstacle

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